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We Are VizSense®

VizSense® is a leading provider of micro-influencer marketing solutions. Founded in 2015, VizSense® has successfully executed thousands of influencer campaigns for brands of all sizes across a variety of verticals and industries. Using our proprietary technology and human intelligence, we research, strategize and mobilize highly targeted campaigns at scale. Our results outperform traditional marketing tactics, and our clients agree we successfully execute influencer programs unlike anyone else.

Our goal? To change the way the world markets products by holding influencer marketing to a higher standard.

What does "VizSense" Mean?

What does "VizSense" Mean?

Data is at our core. So much so that our company name, VizSense®, stems from our way of thinking about data. Picture hundreds of thousands of bits of data....you can't make decisions based off of it, let alone build an influencer campaign from it. However, when you start to visualize that data you can see opportunities and determine direction. VizSense® comes from us making visual sense of data which fuels what we do in every campaign.

VizSense® Fun Facts

Favorite Snacks

Our favorite office snacks are cheese balls and animal crackers! Health nuts, yep.

Swim Meets

We frequently host swim meets in the office - aka who can consume the most water each day (to combat the cheese balls of course)

DJ VizSense®

Headphones for music are always allowed, but we usually opt for a community playlist on the office speaker. Somehow T-Swift always finds her way on here.

Home Sweet Home

While we are headquartered in Dallas, TX - 90% of our company is not from Texas! (but they got here as fast as they could)

Office Greenery

The most unusual item we have had in our office is a plant that lived on water and coffee. She lived for 4 years on both liquids and thrived!

Phone Booths

We are always chatting with influencers and clients - so much so that we built 2 phone booths in our office for when people need them!

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